What We Do

New Construction

Horne Construction Inc. has completed 100’s of projects built from the ground up. From the Layton Hills Mall in the early 80’s to the 7-Eleven just completed early this year Horne Construction Inc. continues a tradition of excellence.



Horne Construction Inc. has finished too many to count.  They range from retail to restaurants.  They have built over 50 stores for Naartjie kids alone.  They are spread from the East to the West coast.  Horne is licensed in 35 states and has crews that are outfitted to support the needs of our clients across the nation; making Horne Construction Inc. a perfect fit as the contractor of choice for just one store or a whole franchise of stores.


Office Space

Horne Construction Inc. has also improved a wide variety of office spaces.  They range from the elegant high end professional suites to the needs of the technical; required by dental, medical, and IT services.  Let our staff assist your organization so that you can grow and bloom.



Wide varities of medical facilities were constructed by Horne Construction Inc.  From Medical Clinics, dental offices, chiropractic, labs, clean rooms, rehabilitation, to orthopedics care just to name a few.


Food Services

Fine restaurants to Delis, convenience stores to the Gospel Fellowship Café; Horne construction Inc. has plenty of experience with the unique requirements associated with food preparation and sales.


Industrial & Institutional

Ware house, Church, School, and Motel; we have the experience that you need for your next project.



Horne Construction Inc. has experience with the unique needs of ventilation, plumbing, and layout required in today’s multiple service salons.


Horne’s Office

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